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About the Project

In 1950, when the Cornell Southeast Asia Program was established, scholarly publishing on the region was undeveloped. Members of the Program recognized that if students were to be trained, they had to have materials to read, and so the Data Papers series was initiated.

In this series, one finds materials to interest linguists, anthropologists, archaeologists, political scientists, social scientists, and researchers looking for bibliographic guides to the holdings of Cornell's famous Echols Collection. The various dictionaries included here (the Akha-English Dictionary, Yao-English Dictionary, and the two-volume Dictionary of Cebuano Visayan) are of great and continuing interest to scholars and speakers of those languages. The series also encompasses annotated translations of significant primary sources: Rajah's Servant is an account of the experiences of a senior administrator in the Sarawak government. The book Feasting and Social Oscillation, by A. Thomas Kirsch, is a classic, influential study of hill tribe societies in mainland Southeast Asia.

The Southeast Asia Program at Cornell helped pioneer academic studies of this region in the United States. These volumes established a fertile groundwork that continues to foster contemporary scholarship.

about the project